user benefits

The semi-underground waste bins offers various benefits. Click on a tab below to read more:


  • The semi-underground waste bins reduces transportation costs because of the high collecting capacity, and weighing the waste is easy and accurate when lifting the bag.
  • The product is durable and long lasting, and works extremely well in multiple household areas.




  • The vertical collection design saves space with 4-5 times more capacity than surface bins.
  • Semi-underground waste bins can be installed in the most space-limited areas, saving room for play spaces, parking or other important considerations.
  • Because of its shape and aesthetically pleasing design, it fits anywhere.




  • The filling lid is light, easy to use and it is furnished with a magnetic support catch that allows both hands to be used on recycling.
  • Neither wind nor animals can disturb the waste.
  • The lifting bag is emptied from the bottom of the container, where the coolness of the ground restricts bacterial growth and minimizes odours.



  • The semi-underground waste bins is safe to use and safe to maintain.
  • The locking mechanism on the filling lid increases safety and lowers fire risk.
  • The emptying process is safe and free of such hazards as heavy metal lids, sharp corners, unpredictable or malfunctioning wheels and slippery or unhygienic leakage.