GreenJobs installed two semi-underground waste bin at Lynnwood Primary recently.  These waste collection systems works perfectly at schools since the waste collected is out of site ensuring the learners are kept safe from hazardous material.

The semi-underground waste bins can be installed where it is fully visible to learners and visitors to the school alike, because of its pleasing aesthetic.

Schools such as Lynnwood Primary basically rent the semi-underground waste bins from GreenJobs. The system is installed, and on a weekly basis GreenJobs will send its waste collection truck, and the waste will be collected and properly disposed of. Have a look at the semi-underground waste bins emptying process here:

Here we show you the complete installation process. You will note that since the semi-underground waste bins has almost two thirds of its unit underground (where the waste is kept cool) a TLB will dig a trench big enough for the 2,7 meter bin.