GreenJobs have started to roll out the installation of a series of semi-underground waste bins for City Property this week. The first installation took place at Waverley Plaza in Villieria Pretoria.

Within the next few days, installations will take place at Silver Place in Silverton, as well as Tannery Industrial Park in Silverton, Pretoria.


Loading the semi-underground waste bins




Preparing for installation – digging the hole and positioning the systems

Waverley_Molok_1 Waverley_Molok_3 Waverley_Molok_4 Waverley_Molok_5 Waverley_Molok_6 Waverley_Molok_7 Waverley_Molok_8


Installation and new paving done


Waverley_Molok_10 Waverley_Molok_11Waverley_Molok_12 Waverley_Molok_13 Waverley_Molok_15 Waverley_Molok_16