Installation Areas for Semi-underground Waste Bins


City Centers & Pedestrian Areas
Waste is kept out of sight in the semi-underground waste bin with its aesthetically pleasing design.

Parks and Marinas
With the semi-underground waste bins, waste is collected 1,5m underground, ensuring there will be no foul smells in parks and marinas.

Residential Areas
Residential waste bins can easily be emptied into the semi-underground waste bins, which will then be emptied by GreenJobs on a weekly basis.

Shopping Centers
With the semi-underground waste bins, Shopping Centers will be clear of unwanted waste and the foul smell of decomposing waste that offend patrons.

Business Districts
The semi-underground waste bins promotes environmentally friendly waste disposal and business owners will convey a message of responsible actions in favour of the environment to their clients.

The semi-underground waste bins works perfectly at schools since the waste collected is out of site ensuring the learners are kept safe from hazardous material.