GreenJobs is proudly revolutionising waste management in South Africa. By distributing and installing the semi-underground waste bins, GreenJobs is introducing this safe and sustainable initiative to various industrial and commercial clients to minimise the effect of their waste on the environment.

The semi-underground waste bins holds several benefits including:

  • Reduced transportation costs, because of high collection capacity.
  • Space saving with 2/3 less space needed in comparison with surface bins.
  • Attractive design.
  • Faster collection of waste.
  • Hygienic because the vertical design allows for older waste at the bottom, where the earth’s coolness prevents bacterial growth.
  • Safe to use and the emptying process does not involve any hazardous metals.
  • Can be used in parks at offices and residential areas.
  • Minimises environmental footprint.
  • Promotes recycling.

GreenJobs recently emptied one of the semi-underground waste bins at Route 21 Corporate Office Park in Irene. Here are some images to show to process.


The unit contains a reusable lifting bag installed within the well and a secure lid, which is removed when the unit is emptied.



Once the bag is positioned over the truck box, a safety mechanism is triggered to open the bottom of the bag, which allows for emptying of the content into a truck.